Top five reasons to become a franchisee

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80% of new small businesses fail in the UK within the first 18-months – that’s a scary statistic and if you’ve got the entrepreneurial itch then it might make you think that leaving the standard 9-5 is maybe not the best idea.

Fear not, becoming a franchisee could be the solution you’re looking for. With many of our franchisees becoming highly successful business owners, it could be perfect for you and we’ve outlined the top five reasons to become a franchisee.

1. Support and training

We’re unashamedly proud of the training we provide here at The Belvoir Group and it’s a key benefit of joining a franchise model. Our team will work with you to understand your chosen territory, help create a business plan and how to manage your new team. Throughout the 4-week course, you will work alongside our experienced team in Grantham, but even before then you can start your training by attending one of our Discovery Days.

2. A strong brand

According to global tech mogul, Jeff Bezos of Amazon “A brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. When you’re starting a new business, branding can be the biggest hurdle, making something memorable, something that makes an impact and stands out in the crowded space of the high street. Joining a franchise model means that you get the opportunity to work under a brand that has already established itself and with Belvoir that is the brand of the UK’s largest property franchise.

3. Great work-life balance

Starting any business, be it a franchise or any other business – it’s a lot of hard work! But being your own boss and running your own team means that you get to call the shots. Want to spend a day working from home so that you can spend a bit more time with the kids, then you can. If you’ve been swept up in the recent trend of remote work, you can take yourself away and work from a coffee shop if you want. Just remember that it’s important to be present in a business, not just for your staff but also for the benefit of those who will come to know and trust you in the local area.

4. Easier to expand

Businesses that work in consumer product industry that are looking to expand have the difficulty of battling with the big supermarkets, trying to source distribution and many more pitfalls to taking a business from being a cottage industry to a national success. With The Belvoir Group as a franchise owner, you would be entwined in our collective success and building the brand in new territories is naturally encouraged. Just look at our two most recent success stories, one with the youngest property franchisees in the country and a former Belvoir Group administrator who now owns the branch!

5. Access to funding

Unless you can head to the Dragon’s Den and woo a potential backer, getting finance to start a business is incredibly hard – especially with the uncertainty of Brexit just around the corner. With a franchise and certainly with The Belvoir Group, you have access to trusted income streams and lenders. When you become part of the largest property franchise on the high street, lenders know that they can invest in you with confidence – not only giving you the launchpad to get started sooner but meaning you only need 30% of the initial investment to get going.

So if you’re looking to become a business owner and the franchise model seems like the right route, then why not book a discovery day today.

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