Thinking of selling your estate or letting agency?

We could be the buyer you have been looking for

As the biggest property franchise on the UK high street, we are continuously looking for opportunities to expand our network of quality sales and lettings businesses through acquisition.

Whatever the size of your business, the Belvoir Group has the experience and know-how to ensure a swift and smooth acquisition. With expert teams on-hand to manage the entire process, you will feel supported every step of the way. If you would like to explore the possibility of selling your business to the Belvoir Group, let us begin with a confidential chat.

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What might make you want to sell your estate or letting agency to us?

Selling your business is often a personal & sensitive matter. It can also be a new experience for sellers. We can help you with every step of the journey:

  • We’ll help you to prepare your business for sale
  • We’ll evaluate your business
  • We’ll find the right fit for your business
  • We’ll help you ensure that you are given expert guidance through the process
  • We’ll work with you & the buyer to present an equitable deal

Why do estate and letting agents choose to sell their business to the Belvoir Group?

There are a large number of reasons why people sell their business including a change of circumstances & retirement. Regardless of the reason, many business owners want to find the right fit when they sell their business.

What do they mean by this?

business owners have spent years if not decades building their business and often find reassurance from the fact that that has meant something. By finding a buyer that will look after the business and build on the goodwill that the founder has created, we aim to provide the best fit possible for those who are looking to sell their business.

many agents live in the area they serve & their landlords, sellers, buyers & tenants are often friends. It is often important for business owners to know that all of these clients will be looked after & given a good level of service. They want to pass on to a ‘safe pair of hands’ & not regret the decision.

selling a business can be a time of instability & uncertainty for staff. The same can be true of the business owner who will often worry about whether their staff will be looked-after. The Belvoir Group’s model is to acquire businesses as going concerns & to integrate & make the most of the existing staff wherever possible

taking on the goodwill of an existing business means handling it sensitively. We will help to ensure that the business can transition to its new brand & ownership in a way that makes sense.

many estate and lettings business owners recognise that, by selling their business to a local businessperson who lives & works in the community that their business will be given the proper care & that it will be more likely to thrive. In addition, they are creating goodwill within the community that they are likely to maintain an involvement with even after they step away.

there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to sell a house only to find that the buyer doesn’t have the funds, their circumstances have changed or that the chain falls through – it’s a cause of emotional distress to the seller & to the agent. In the same way, people that want to sell their business do not want to go through all the effort of preparing their business for sale only to find that the buyer is not credible. With a vast amount of experience, an unparalleled track record & with a range of funders supporting the buyers we work with, we provide as much credibility as a seller can expect to find.

with a ready pool of buyers, many of the business owners looking to sell their estate or letting agency choose us because we can minimise any of the costs that they need to incur.

Why sell your business to us?

We have proven expertise in asset and share sales

We will buy businesses of any value

We will offer an acquisition plan that is tailored to your needs

You don’t need to worry about finding a team of experts

Selling a business is something that you might only ever have to do once but it can seem like it needs a lifetime of contacts and experience in order to do it successfully.

Our team has extensive experience in assisting in the process of selling your business. We have helped estate and letting agents through this process 135 times in the last 7 years and can help you with:

The process of selling a business requires expertise & you will want to ensure that you have a lawyer that has your best interests at heart. We can help where required, having a network of experienced lawyers to recommend where appropriate.

We have a tried and tested process to help with the sale of your business. We have significant experience in this regard & can make the process easy. You can find out more about the process we will guide you through below.

We will create the heads of terms that will constitute the principles that you will agree with the purchaser in order to progress & complete your business sale.

We have arrangements with a range of financial institutions. This means that our franchisees will have funding available to them in order to support the purchase of your business.

Where applicable, we can introduce you to accountants with a wealth of experience in this field in order to ensure that you sell your business in the most suitable and tax-effective manner for you.

We appreciate that this process is new for most people and we can offer them a helping hand & guide them through the process.

Our Principles

There are a number of elements that are important to our business:

  • Finding businesses for sale as going concerns – our aim is to give our franchisees the best opportunity to succeed. If we can present them with businesses that are established and with a track record, they are more likely to succeed in the future
  • Giving an opportunity to a local businessperson – all of our franchisees live & work in their communities. They are local businesspeople who will be involved in their community. If you decide to sell your estate or lettings business to us, it will be looked after by a local businessperson
  • Ensuring that a deal is equitable – having acquired 135 estate & lettings businesses in the last 7 years, we know that, if a deal does not work for all parties, it will not work. A business sale needs to be valuable for you and good for the purchaser.

Our Process

You may be forgiven for not knowing how to go about selling a business. It’s not something that people tend to do every day. Here we outline our process so that you can see what’s in store if you were to make a confidential enquiry:

  1. Signing of a non-disclosure agreement – we will sign an agreement so that your information is kept confidential. Although we are part of a group, our acquisitions team is kept insulated from the group.
  2. Finding a buyer – once we know a little about your business, we can help you find a buyer. Our acquisitions team are under instruction to find estate & lettings businesses for a large number of our franchisees whose businesses are growing, we can market your business to the people that we know are looking for a business opportunity in your area & we can recommend your business to the pipeline of people who are enquiring about becoming Belvoir Group franchisees
  3. Funding the sale – we can help to ensure that the sale is funded. We have relationships with a range of financial institutions who want to support business purchases by our group and can help to ensure that you receive a credible offer.
  4. Qualification – we can help you to qualify any offers you receive.
  5. Negotiation – we can provide assistance in the process of negotiating your sale to ensure an equitable outcome.
  6. Offer – this is where you receive an offer for the purchase of your business.
  7. Acceptance – this is where you choose whether to accept the offer to purchase your business (of which offer to accept).
  8. Heads of terms – we can draft the heads of terms that form the basis of the agreement to sell the business.
  9. Legal – this is where the details of the sale & purchase are agreed between the two parties and their solicitors.
  10. Compliance – the business will be evaluated in order to ensure that it meets with the group’s compliance standards.
  11. Transition of management – this involves providing a satisfactory plan to ensure that the business is handed over (and taken on) in a manner that is best for all parties.

Our expert team will help you sell your business swiftly with support and confidence.

Whether your business is sales only, sales & lettings or lettings only, we have undertaken 52 share purchases & 83 asset purchases in the last seven years & can provide you with the benefits of our experience.

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