Estate and Letting Agency franchise financing

Financing your sales and lettings franchise

When it comes to estate and letting agency franchise financing with BelvoirNewton FallowellNorthwoodLovelle , Nicholas Humphreys or Mr & Mrs Clarke there is a lot to consider. Of course, we will support you to plan financially, but there will be hard work needed from both sides to ensure you have a solid business plan..

With years of experience under our belts in supporting financing for franchisees, the Belvoir Group is able to provide assistance in the following areas:

When you start your estate agents franchise business with the Belvoir Group an initial investment is required, the amount will depend on whether it is a going concern resale or an acquisition.

We would be pleased to discuss this in more detail.

We have strong relationships with the banks we work with and other finance sources for franchise financing, which means we can put you in touch with lenders when you are looking to raise capital for your business. Our brand instills a high level of confidence with our financial partners, which results in low-risk perceptions of new Belvoir Group franchisees – which is great news for you!

When you are preparing your business plan, we will prepare a typical cash flow projection based on the experiences of past successful franchisees. This will help guide you through the cash management process needed to assure your property franchise achieves sustainable business growth.

Over the years, the Belvoir Group has established a strong supply chain. This means we continue to vigorously negotiate costs with our service and software providers, to provide our franchisees with excellent cost models.

Making profit is a key aim for any business, so understanding the potential for growth is really important. Ultimately, franchised businesses of this type can expect net profits of around 25-30%. We will work with you and your available funding to build a five-year recruitment and investment plan, in which your profits will be forecasted. By the end of the five-year period, you should expect to have a debt-free and profit-enhanced business.

The aim of this support is not only to help you financing a franchise but also to ensure that you have all of the tools to run & grow a business that works & that makes money.

Going through acquisition & financing a franchise

There may come a time that you would like to grow your business, and we have a number of options for financing a franchise. As an estate agents franchise with a growing business, you might want to look at expanding your business through acquisition. Our assisted acquisitions programme will search for potential business opportunities, and work with you to negotiate and even help finance the deal. Working with banks & funders that wish to encourage successful businesses and are interested in financing for franchises, we will help you to achieve your goals.

Whatever the size of your ambition, we have property franchise options to suit different circumstances and goals.


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