Starting a property franchise with Belvoir Franchise Group

Starting your own estate agency with Belvoir

How to start your own property franchisee

Whether you’re an established business owner looking to pivot into the real estate industry, or if this is the year you want to realise your dreams of managing your own Sales and lettings business – our personal and flexible approach could be the perfect move forward.

With 2018 seeing over £6.9 million in acquired turnover for The Belvoir Franchise Group, we’re in a fantastic position to help you kickstart your new business and often recommend that our new franchisees don’t jump into a ‘cold-start’ (which comes with risks) and instead takes on a business that a proven track record, a healthy balance sheet and established awareness in the area.

We’re in no way saying that we never offer cold-starts, but why go down that route when we can offer an opportunity that comes with much less risk and could see you driving increased profits in the first year.

What is the journey to becoming a franchisee like with the Belvoir Franchisee Group?

Join us for a Discovery Day

Here at The Belvoir Franchise Group, we pride ourselves on providing the personal touch, with over 20 years of industry experience, your journey will start with a Discovery Day where we take a deep-dive into franchise opportunities, explore your business plans, take an overview of finances, identify a territory and much more.

Be assigned a Business Development Manager

Many of our new franchisees come away from a Discover Day bursting with excitement and new information, ready to start their new journey. To help digest everything you’ve learned and formulate a plan moving forward, you will be assigned a Business Development Manager who visit, support and take you through the next steps — at this point, we require a deposit to secure your interest and kickstart the exciting process of joining The Belvoir Franchise Group.

Conduct research

Research is vital once progressing past the setup stages and we can’t stress enough how important it is for new franchisees to absorb themselves in the territory they will be working, discovering the particular market pressures and local nuances that will help shape their marketing plan and business moving forward.

Once your research has been signed off by us, the exciting process starts to kick in and our finance and premises team will start to work with you to plan out the refit of your property, putting your market research into place and moving you on to our bespoke four-week training course.

Take our 4-week training course

Our training is second to none and throughout the four-weeks, you will gain valuable insight into our business as the largest property franchise on the high street in the UK. You will meet fellow property franchisees and develop strong business links through networking opportunities — forging your place in the The Belvoir Group family.

With our ongoing support and your drive for success, this is how we start an estates and lettings agency, personal and driven from day one. The Belvoir Franchisee Group way.

How we can help!

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about getting started then feel free to get in touch. Or, if you’d like to find out more about what it’s like to be a proper franchisee, read our blog on the top reasons to become a property franchisee.

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Whatever the size of your ambition, we have franchise options to suit different circumstances and goals.
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