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Franchise opportunities – property franchise resales

When looking at a franchise resale opportunity, there are a few things you might like to evaluate. Some of the most important elements that franchisees look for when buying property franchises are:

We offer resales across the UK & have estate and letting agency franchise resale opportunities in desirable locations with good rental demand. If you are interested in a location near to you & cannot see one available, then please contact us in order to find out whether we have any opportunities that we are marketing discreetly or that are about to come to market. If there isn’t a resale available, we have made a large number of acquisitions from outside the group & are able to identify & purchase well-established businesses & integrate them into the Belvoir Group.

Franchisees (and more importantly their customers) will look for franchises with a strong brand recognition and reputation in the marketplace. The Belvoir Group has a number of strong, well-established brands that have strong brand recognition & a good reputation

We offer industry-leading support & training from our intensive 4-week initial training to the ongoing support & business development we offer to each of our franchisees every step along the way.

Upon signing a non-disclosure agreement, we will be able to provide you with detailed financial information about the business in order to support your decisions. We will also be able to offer you insights on the area & market insights

As industry leaders with several hundred offices, we regularly provide market insights to our customers. We can provide further insights about the sales & rental markets, about opportunities in the area you are interested in & about other potential opportunities

What makes estate agents franchises a good investment?

Our estate agency and lettings franchise resales have a number of advantages for people looking to purchase a franchise. These include:

  • They are all compliant audited businesses
  • There are a number of opportunities for the generation of revenue within the business
  • The franchises are well established & run according to a successful set of procedures – The Belvoir Group brand Model
  • The Belvoir Group have a working relationship with the current owner of the business which means that the franchise has been with the guidance of our support teams and that detailed information about the business can be provided
  • All of our franchise resales are ‘going concerns’ ie live businesses that have a set of trading records showing the past performance
  • All of our estate agency franchises have the benefit of our business support team
  • All of our estate agent and lettings franchises can take advantage of our legal and compliance support in order to stay up-to-date with legislation and ensure that they provide the highest quality services.
  • All of our resales benefit from an annual audit team visit which checks that the business is compliant with current regulations
  • You will have a business support manager who is cloned to you for the duration of your franchise. It is his responsibility to advise, make suggestions and answer any development questions you may have
  • Each of our brands have a regional networking group which you will be invited to attend on a regular basis. In this forum you can exchange ideas, meet fellow franchisees and attend presentations from useful supply chain providers.

If you’d like some help in discovering whether a franchise business could be for you, we would be happy to have a discussion. Perhaps you’re interested in one of the resale opportunities above, or perhaps you can’t find what you’re looking for & would like to see if we can help you to start a franchise in your area.

Please book a chat with us. We’ll happily sense-check your plans or help you to see what you might need in order to get started in business & to help you avoid any potential pitfalls. Whether you decide franchising is right for you or not, get in touch via our live chat or by booking a discovery meeting & we’ll be happy to help.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from our resale customers

We currently have over 30 franchise opportunities. There are a number of businesses that you won’t see on this page because we have been invited to market them discreetly. If you would like to learn more about ‘off market’ opportunities, please contact us

The group offers a range of training & support both in advance of your taking over the business and on an ongoing basis. In order to take on a business, our franchisees go through an intensive, four-week training programme. They are given further support in the development of their business.

There are two elements to this. Belvoir was established in 1995. We are one of the largest property groups in the UK, supporting a network of over 300 offices across six distinct brands.

Each franchise office was established at a different time. You will find more information by clicking on the individual franchise resale listing. If you would like more detail about a franchise resale, please make an enquiry. Further & more detailed information about a franchise resale opportunity can be provided once a non-disclosure agreement has been signed

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is used to protect confidential information that is shared during the sale and purchase of a business. It is important to ensure that the details of the sale remain private, to protect the interests of both the buyer and seller. The NDA also ensures that the buyer cannot use the information to gain an unfair advantage or benefit from the transaction. By signing an NDA, both parties agree to keep the details of the sale confidential.

We have franchise opportunities in the UK with offices in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

This will depend upon your requirements. We have found that our franchisees are far more likely to succeed when they start by running an established business. We help them to find an established business (which we either help them to purchase from outside the group or which is one of the resale opportunities listed above). The investment will depend upon the size & profitability of the business that you would like to run

As we provide our new franchisees with established businesses, they will typically be buying a business that is generating income and profit. The rate of this return on investment over time will depend upon the level of effort & business acumen of the franchisee, however

Yes. You will be required to bring some of your own capital into the business purchase but we have excellent relations with a number of banks & financial institutions that are happy to lend in support of franchise businesses that support our model

The support we offer is comprehensive & it ranges from providing you with your own business development manager, to legal support, to IT & marketing support, finance & assistance for acquisitions, audit & compliance support & ongoing training. It is provided throughout your franchise ownership.