Everything you should know about having a property franchise

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What is a property franchise?

Property franchising is a type of business model that allows a franchisee to operate a sales and lettings business under an established brand name and business model. Being a franchise partner with Belvoir will allow you to operate under their name all the while running your own business from day to day. To become a franchisee under Belvoir, you will have to sign a franchise agreement, a legally binding document between a franchisee and chosen franchisor. To find out more about things like this read our frequently asked questions.

First steps

Before any big career choice, we recommend doing your research to ensure the decision you’re making is the correct one. Anyone can become a franchisee with Belvoir, but before you start you’ll require the correct funding to pay for the initial set-up and running costs. We provide information on the different financing options that can assist in raising the capital to set up your own property franchise.

Day to day life as a franchisee

One of the biggest benefits to becoming a property franchisee is the freedom to choose when you work. Working under the Belvoir brand gives you the independence you’ve always wanted, while removing the hassle of starting your own brand from scratch. Day to day activities for a franchisee include researching new properties, scheduling meetings and viewings, communicating with customers as well as taking time to advertise your business venture. To read in-depth about day to day life as a franchisee, check out our day in the life of a property franchisee blog.

The journey to having your own property franchise

The journey to becoming your very own estate agent is made simple here at Belvoir. If you’re thinking about starting your own property franchise, you’ll be wondering about the processes involved. Our process always begins with discovery days, a personalised one-to-one session held at our central office in Grantham. After the decision has been made to begin your property franchise journey, we offer extensive support and research tools to ensure that you’re well equipped to enter the world of property franchising. Our support is continuous throughout your career at Belvoir and we offer extensive training from start to end, beginning with a four week training course designed to provide all information you may need on how the Belvoir Group operates. We then offer regular training sessions to whoever may need them. Check out The Property Franchise Journey to find out more.

How can we help?

If you’re interested in becoming a sales and lettings property franchisee with the Belvoir Group, head to our Discovery Day page to book your personalised one-to-one session, and begin your journey today. If you’d like to read more about any of our franchising tips, updates, or any of our success stories from our existing franchisees, head to our news and insights section, and immerse yourself in your upcoming career path!

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